Crown caps: beauties in advertisement

Since the invention in 1891 the crown cap became the most popular bottle closure for the next hundred years.
It was used for everything which was drinkable including water, sparkling beverages such as soda and beer but also wine and many other products. Everyone is familar with them and they are regarded as trivial but also attractive collectable objects, not only because they are cheap and diverse but also because they can be really attractive. The design is often used to characterize the product. In this way they became a reflection of the history of beverages in particular in the 20th century.

This website is meant to show the beautiful variation in bottle cap design, to provide information of the beverages from all over the world with a focus on world wide mineral water and on milk and soda caps from the Netherlands. Some world wide brands such as Schweppes and Bacardi will be highlighted.
It will guide the collector into the world of collecting and collectors, providing major information and tips for collecting.

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starting new website

Finally I decided to upgrade my website. It will take some time…. but the result will be amazing … I hope.

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